Even Nothing is Something

by Isosceles Kramer

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Dillon Arloff
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Dillon Arloff What can I say. The dang dude has done it again. A+++ Would listen to this with my eyes closed. Favorite track: Sirens On!.
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released May 27, 2017



all rights reserved


Isosceles Kramer Chicago, Illinois

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Track Name: In Search of Rewards
keep me underneath a burning stack of paper
sweep me with the ashes into a container
hold it under glass to magnify the mixture
go tell everyone that you can see a difference

doesn't matter if they read it in a paper
"everything is dying" "worry about it later"
feeling very good is all that seems to matter
don't lie to my face and say you're only kidding

people sometimes see the things they want to see
they say the kinds of things some people like to hear
but somewhere in their head, a pain that comes from nowhere
maybe you would stop and try to understand it?

burns a little more when you're the one that's hurting
just remind yourself that you are only learning
never any shame in looking for new answers
each and every day cause none of them are final

now is not the time to crumble into pieces
open up your eyes and grant yourself your wishes
now is not the time to hide beneath the papers
burning to the ground to then grow into nothing
now is not the time to turn against your senses
listen to the thing they're calling "intuition"
now is not the time to blindly follow leaders
carefully consider things you can believe in

listen to the Earth and not the ones who claim it
she's the only one with something new to tell you
don't you try to say you didn't get the message
you're the one deciding not to get the message

patterns do suggest an underlying purpose
everywhere you look there's something trying to help you
even outer space, the spheres and the vibrations
signals to your mind they're calling intuition
Track Name: Bag
I have things to think about that have never crossed the mind of someone holding a bag at a bus stop
Looking out of place cause he's waiting
just like everyone else
but his bag says "Look out! I am expensive!"

I try not to think about things in a certain light
that casts a shadow of doubt
over people I see out on the street
who are walking and look just like me
but they can't be
and that just isn't a crime

I hit hard to fight the thing
that keeps me in this dream
where I'm made different from you
cause we aren't that different, this is the truth
but the truth is different from what has been told
so we can't be certain until after we die
no, the truth can't be known until after we die
even then we can't be sure that we're right
cause the truth can't be known until after we die
even then we can't be sure that we're right

Geminis have two kinds of mind
eyes ask why when the mind says it's fine
know which one's lying
know which one's right
and know which one's lying
Track Name: Something That Can't Be Shared
Yaky Snorg and Barby Scarb
they are two dogs
they are such precious pups
and they belong to me!

Every time I turn around they're standing there
they think I have the food
this happens every time.

Let me tell you one more thing about those dogs
they are so dear to me
that's all I'm going to say!

Help me to recall that time
...time of my life...
that I was having there...
it's happening all the time!

Warn me when it's time to start singing the song
I must unhinge myself for maximum effect

Try and help out when you can
don't just get "kicks"
I'll tell you some place good where you can get your "kicks"

Don't have time for singing songs
it takes to long!
Don't have the time to spare!
That's all I have to say

One more thing is livings hard
I mean hard enough
don't let's not make it worse for them and me and the dogs

One more thing is dogs aren't good...
they're very good.
they're very VERY good
let's hear it for the doggies!

Thank you all for coming here, into my life.
I want to share with you something that can't be shared.
Track Name: The Pitch
Woke up and paid a bill
that's one thing off my list of things to do today

The Pitch

Got up and came to work
there's a show! that's a show!
How is that a show?
well maybe something happens to you on your way...

The Pitch
Track Name: Illinois River City
when I drove down to Peoria
I fell right away
in love with the place
and if I had a reason
to live so far down state
I would move down today

the home of the world's most beautiful drive
that's what they say!
they're in love with that drive!
and if I had a reason
to live so far down state
I would move down today
I would move down and stay

Theodore Roosevelt
he had something to say
he was in love with the place!
and if he had a reason
to live so far down state
he might be there today
he might still be there today

the most beautiful drive
is in PEORIA
Track Name: Boot Are Made For Walk
boots are made for walking
that's just what they'll do
when your boot starts talking
you need new shoes

walking in the water
feels just like a dream
always quite a challenge
so I walk down stream

give me something easy
a problem I can solve
this world makes me queasy...
I'll start with that!

if I spoke too early
blame my heart for that
it can not think clearly
before an attack
Track Name: Ivan
Ivan, paint my engine red
creeping down the river bed
silent bleeding waterfall
pours us out once and for all

Ivan, why lead me to here?
what is that whistle in my ear?
howling winds, eternally hold me
shivering in sleep

translate this from part of me
Track Name: Mean Dream
once I had a dream
it was a mean thing
I couldn't see anything

felt worse indeed
that it came with a feeling
that hung over everything

kept that with me
that very mean thing
that came with me

somewheres in me
seems to be something
divine and worth finding

and maybe I could find it
but I've got words that hide the best side of my mind

or is it possibly...
words are just the thing
quite possibly the key

I'm imagining a thing
the kind that's gonna bring
resolve to everything

is there such a thing?
that exists outside of dreams
and feels like feeling clean?

if there really is
it would have to live
in words combined specifically

and maybe I could find it
but I've got words that hide the best side of my mind
but maybe I could find it
Track Name: Sirens On!
turn your sirens on!
turn your sirens on!
but the streets you take
are all under way
so they can't get through
no they can't get through
now that bridge is gone
and water fountains on
cause it's very hot
oh, so very hot
that the house itself
became a heated space
in which violence grew

what you don't know now
you will learn somehow
you will learn

so they're forced to take residential streets
where some children play
and one gets in the way
of a speeding car
with it's sirens on
trying to do his job
but makes more work for himself
so the child floats up
just above the scene
sees the irony
in a confused city

what you don't know now
you will learn somehow
you will learn
Track Name: Shoulder

change your mind
if you wanna, let me know
waste your time
trying not to be alone
Track Name: Net
coming back again
to the place that I forget
the second I climb up out of this net
I did it before, and I'll do it again

every time I do
I see in a way that is different than you
makes it hard to articulate the truth
it can't always be the way I want it to

help me outta here
I've been dipping my toes in humanity's tears
soaked myself in the horror of the years
I wanted to help but now I'm feeling too queer

how can I explain
without starting to cry or going insane?
it's all taking place somewhere within your brain
but when it comes out it always isn't the same

something needs to change
in society's mind life is only a game
"it's a better life if we all live it the same"
I'm not someone that wants to keep it that way

looking out again
off into space or deep into my soul
I see a man there with something to know
wherever his heart is wherever I'll go

stirring in the still
a voice comes from nothing and it says to me,
"Will, you've gotta find me in whatever you will.
the good and the bad are all the same to me still."

"Look here at the light
surrounded in darkness, surrounded by night
holding each other to make what we call life
that's all that there is, isn't that quite nice?"

what's that 'sposed to mean?
shall I deny the things that I've seen?
forget them forever like it was only a dream?
I can't just do that sir, so please

then he spoke again,
"You can't keep everything in your head
you must go back and look at things again
it keeps getting better till it reaches the end!"

"Tell me when you do,
cause nobody knows how hard it is to be you
but if you do everyday the things you gotta do
you might be happy, and you might be you."