Everything Wants to be Movies

by Isosceles Kramer

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released May 18, 2016



all rights reserved


Isosceles Kramer Chicago, Illinois

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Track Name: the walking song
walking through town, no one around
no one to see one dog and me
cigarette sounds
secrets to keep cold and discreet
smoke on the clothes of the one you don't know and never will meet
planning to move to the city in fall
everything new, bringing my dog
to be someone new
these days I get much better sleep
comfortable bed with no secrets to keep

late nights were easy
early ones never come cheap
mornings got better
I get up, I get down

dog is the same dog you all know
me who has changed
but we walk the same

what if I can't understand things that take place and change who I am?
I wanted to stay on the path I was on and now it's all gone
do what I can
forgive if I can
be what I can and love what I am

these things are hard to do
but if you can then I'll do it too
I live in spaces with you and this one we're just passing through

now one more dog follows along
you'll join me soon
when you walk again
Track Name: folk songs
I don't know what people mean
when they start saying that they're singing folk songs
I don't know what people mean
I haven't heard that music now for so long
some people wanna know it all or say they do
and either way just stick it in a folk song

I imagine many people sitting in a music club in New York listening,
intent on hearing something that holds meaning that's beyond them
some people wanna know
that the truth can be so beautiful and meaningful
when sung into a folk song

recently I got the feeling nobody was showing me their real selves
an entity like you or me constructed so that you would probably like them
some people wanna show themselves in such a way that hides the very essence of their folk songs
Track Name: my own face
I looked out and I saw something no one else could see. far away. looked like me over there above the sea. never been. didn't know how I could live over there. had to look at something else, closer to my own face. saw my nose from my eyes. now I can say that I've seen something no one else has seen.
Track Name: saw it on t.v.
saw it on t.v.
can it belong to me?

they want me to have it
so they can then have me
won't know what they have
but owning's what they need

give the joy to me
the joy that comes from having
regardless of the need
Track Name: OPUTP
next time you see me
out there on the street
just two dogs with me
try to talk to me
and I won't be there

everything that changed
head is rearranged
if I'm acting strange
know it's not my aim
and please believe it

once picked up the phone
heard a horrid moan
locked up all the doors
hopped onto the road
could not believe it

saw the moon was full
fuller than before
drawing tides to shore
such complete control
and I believe it
Track Name: i'll pay anything
i'll pay anything for some peace of mind

i'll pay whatever
i'll pay anything
i'll pay whatever for some peace of mind

i'll pay forever
i'll pay anything
i'll hand over the dough for a piece of pie
Track Name: today
doesn't he look nice today?
i wish he knew
i wish he knew he could be fine today
he hasn't tried
he hasn't tried to find another way
it's hard to see
it's hard to see he's made himself this way
he does look nice.
Track Name: empathy (revisted)
told him he could take it nowhere
leave it here or leave it nowhere
then he said "i'll be right back"
don't know if they'll take it next time

don't know why he took it this time
took to heart, rejection this time
now he's nowhere, like they told him
happy nowhere, happy for him

listened to this and felt something
something like identifying
no one trusts a brand new story
always someone asks for something towards the end

learn to be more empathetic
and make eye contact during stories
Track Name: do you make yourself unhappy
do you make yourself unhappy?
when you are unhappy, is it you?
do you keep it to yourself when you are unhappy?
do you ask yourself simple questions?
do you answer them honestly? silently? out loud?
Track Name: tell me about it
i didn't know
all about...
tell me about it
Track Name: hiding the body
his problem was a body that he could not escape
that he was made aware of each day when he awoke
if waking was the problem, he didn't know
he didn't know he didn't know
no he didn't know

if he could hide the body where nobody could see...
in dreams, he's something different, so he would rather sleep
if he should lay there snoozin` he doesn't know
he doesn't know he doesn't know
no he doesn't know

misunderstood as a brain in a jar
this much I know
this much is fine but much more is too much
this much i know