To Grow Older

by Isosceles Kramer

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A few pieces of useful information, to help maximize one's listening experience:

Try listening in headphones by yourself in the dark (DISCLAIMER: listening alone in headphones in the dark may cause feelings of loneliness and fear, as well as frustration followed by euphoria. These feelings are natural and were all experienced, at one time or another, by the artist himself. These feelings are more difficult to relay to friends with words and may require you to write your own songs, in order to properly express/ respond to these feelings). Listening in headphones is also, legally, the most accurate way to hear these songs. Often times, while listening through any kind of standard speaker system, parts that are normally audible become basically invisible. It is highly recommended that you listen in headphones for your first time through, so that you at least have an idea of all the "textures" of the album, and can then mourn the loss of your favorite little parts when you can't hear them in the other modes of listening.

Try listening on a very expensive sound system. The more expensive the better. Download this album for free and then use your money to invest in a high priced entertainment system. Make sure each component in your sound system is as expensive as it could possibly be, cables and grill cloths included. If you are listening to sound waves through inexpensive grill cloths, then you might as well just be flushing a toilet next to your head for 45 minutes or however long this thing is. If you cannot afford an expensive sound system then try testing out some systems at Best Buy or Target or Circuit City(?). Then you can listen to your copy of Isosceles Kramer "To Grow Older" through several different expensive sound systems and purchase the one that sounds best. Feel free to ask other customers opinions on which system is best.

This album has taken many different forms, and a piece of each incarnation has made it onto this final version. Imagine the entire album as some kind of giant whale that has been drifting through the ocean, and all these little urchins and other gross sticky saltwater creatures have just been getting stuck to the belly of this whale. Some of those creatures have been swimming around inside the whale's own personal brain, trying to take over the whale and change its course/ personality/ disposition (the whale's) but not succeeding, though still having an effect on the whale's general outlook and vibe, resulting in a whale that is pretty cool looking overall, but looks very attractive to the "Artist" that first gave birth to the whale at the start. Imagine this whale and what it might look like while you listen.

Featured Tenor Saxophonist Rob Nordli plays in his own quartet, which can be found and enjoyed on He is very talented and was wonderful to work with.

WAIGDAH is an acronym that stands for What Am I Gonna' Do After Highschool. It is also slang term used by hip youngsters (not to be mistaken by hipsters) in reference to being directionless and lost, like' "Yo homie you got that loud pack? I'm feelin WAIGDAH"

Isosceles Kramer is free of facebook and other social mediums, so the Listener must take it upon themselves to spread the "good word" about this sure to be legendary and historical release.

Isosceles Kramer would like to thank Emily Litten for giving the "Artist" the will-power and inspiration to finish this album that was almost shelved forever. Thank you, Love.
Thank you


released December 17, 2015

Will Wisniewski:
Vocals, Guitars, Banjo, Bass, Piano(s), Organ, Chord Organ, Clarinet, Flute, Slide Whistle, Drum Set, Percussive Objects(?),

Rob Nordli:
Tenor Saxophone, Flute (for What Worked For Me & WAIGDAH & Now I See)

Emily Litten:
Alto Saxophone



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Isosceles Kramer Chicago, Illinois

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Track Name: What Worked For Me
all my dreams are fleeting things
what I know's never for sure
when I'm down I get back up
when I'm up I fall back down
I fall back down
it's not that bad to feel

me, I chose to feel at home
in confusion's silver glow
lights like love show what I know
and what I don't
so fast I just can't tell what's what

I can't offer anything
all I know's what worked for me
truth is seeing everything and nothingness
and knowing they're the same
Track Name: Called Off Work
I'm lost in a fever on a frozen bed
how can sleep escape a tired head?
I'm lost and I don't think I can find my head
Arizona... let's not talk about such bloody things

things are feeling thin
and now I know where my mind had been
when it was whole, but without my soul
called off work again
'cause now I know what I'm worth to them
so I stay home, scream at a microphone
Track Name: Getting Older
the hardest part of living is the only part
getting older
to grow in time
so go your way down that very road you came
to grow older
yeah, it's hard to do knowing death creeps closer though
you're now alone, sir

the sky was up and from it waved a pale Jesus
yeah, it's hard to live being "oh so patient"
but there is "inspiration"
despite an "explanation"
we're underneath the same "Son"
Track Name: WAIGDAH
what am I gonna' do after high school?
could college be the place for me
to find out where I'm supposed to be?

what am I gonna do after college?
what am I to tell my mom
if I can't find myself a job?

what am I gonna do if I'm hopeless?
I've split myself in two, killed half
I'm hopeless
who's gonna' help me find a way?
who's gonna' make it all okay?

what is it I am besides a dropout?
who lives in my skin now that I've dropped out?
No ones standing in my way
Track Name: Strange Man
all of the land is so wide
there's no where to hide

and all of the dark was too deep
you can't fall asleep

why can't I see you once more 'fore I go?
I'm a changed man... I'm a strange man

I sat so still for so long
take my life 'cause I'm living it wrong

lucid the times that I dream
took a while but I know what they mean

why can't I see you once more 'fore I go?
I'm a changed man... I'm a strange man
I'm a scared man but I care
Track Name: Good Old Neon
good old neon
what happens when you die?
your life unfold in slides

good old neon
it's right before your eyes
the light that shines behind

brother, don't let it show that you feel so all alone
Track Name: Now I See
wake up to yourself
bring in a new year
now I see

show me how to feel
bring me back to peace
now I see

all this pain and loss
comes to all of us
now I see

everything will grow
this is what we know
now I see

keep your mind up high
don't need to ask why
now I see

keep your mind up high
never hurts to try
now I see

now I see...
Track Name: Lovely House
you've got a lovely house
I could stay for a little while

you've got a lovely house
I could stay for a little while

you've got a lovely view
from the middle of your living room

you've got a lovely bed
I need to rest my aching head